Hello Kitty Pop Up Play Tent £4.97 @ Tesco Direct

6 February 2013

If you get yourself over to Tesco Direct you'll be able to pick up a Hello Kitty Pop-Up Play Tent for £4.97 - it's original full price has been £9.98.

Kids love playing 'camps' and hiding away inside things; they always have done and, I'm guessing, always will do and if you've got a young Hello Kitty fan in your family, then it may well be worth buying one of these Hello Kitty Pop-up tents and stashing it away until a present giving occasion arises.

It pops up in just a few seconds (I know, I know - the words 'pop-up' in the title gave the game away!)  and features Hello Kitty on the side panels, either side of the door, sitting down holding a pink apple.  printed with a Hello Kitty design and features a front door that folds down flat, rather than hinging open on the side.

According to the blurb there are two doors - now I can't see whether they mean there's an opening at each end of the tent, or whether they're saying that each half of the opening in the picture is a door...what do you think?

I'm not sure it really matters, your Hello Kitty fan isn't going to say, "OH, this only has ONE door!  Take it back, immediately, and don't return until you have a Hello Kitty tent which has two doors!"

You can arrange to collect your Hello Kitty Pop-up tent from your local Tesco store, or you can pay them £3 for the privilege of delivery it to your home instead.

Thanks to marmatdav at HUKD

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