Hello Kitty Fleece £5.51 @ Amazon

kittyFleece Even if the weather is warm during the day, there's a definite chill in the air in the early mornings and evenings.

I get up very early - I'm talking 4am early every day - and it's dark enough to need to the lights on still at half past five, and chilly enough to have to put a fleece jumper on.

I love fleece things; I love how they feel when they're new, I love that they're so warm without being heavy and when it comes to kids I love that they are so easy to wash and dry.

There's something very snuggly about being tucked up under a fleece blanket as the weather starts to cool down. Equally, I really enjoy gently covering up my youngest with a warm blanket when he's fallen asleep on the sofa - it's just too cute and he looks so cosy *contented sigh*

I can't find any dimensions for this blanket but looking at the pictures, it looks like a good size and will hang nicely over the sides of a single bed.

This Hello Kitty fleece should be £9.99 but Amazon have reduced the price to £5.51 (please, let them leave it there and not do their usual thing of whipping the price up as soon I write about something!) and delivery is free if you choose the SuperSaver deal.

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  • Louise
    It was around £3.38 delivered last week, I know because I ordered one! And it will fit a single bed.
  • kelly
    £4.98 now

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