Hello Kitty Digital Coin Jar £5.99 @ Argos

Hello Kitty Digital Coin Jar £5.99 @ Argos

I am faintly horrified that anyone would have spent nearly £20 on a digital coin jar, regardless of the Hello Kitty branding on it. Why do you even need one? However, for £5.99, this is a pretty cool gimmicky gadget and one that would make a great gift.

The Hello Kitty digital coin jar keeps a record of how much pocket money is being saved. It is a good way to help kids learn about managing their money or recognising what the different coins actually look like and what their value is. From that point of view this is a great buy.

Not for £20 though…

Anyway, the Hello Kitty coin jar will need you to add two AAA batteries (use rechargeables and save the planet!) and I think, by looking at the picture, it recognises the coins and adds the amount automatically. Cute and great for pocket money, this is a rather sweet bargain.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!


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