Various King Zhu Hamster Sets £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Various King Zhu Hamster Sets £3.99 @ Home Bargains


If you happen to have a Zhu Zhu hamster or two roaming around your home, then this deal should make you feel quite happy about the fact. Let’s face it, once they’ve crashed under the sofa for the 100th time, they lose some of their appeal, so these bargain prices on habitats is a winner.

To start with all of the deals seem to involve the King Zhu series. These are, apparently, the “battle” hamsters that boys will like. Not sure why only boys will dig them, my daughter has fun with the battle dudes too, but that’s what the blurb says.

There is the King Zhu training grounds for Alpha, Ninja, Samurai, and Bravo plus the Juggernaut Battle Walker down to £7.99 if you fancy kitting your hamster out in tank armour. These little habitats all interconnect and you’re saving some good money getting them in the sale.

Thanks to l_i_s_a at HUKD!


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