KidKraft Couture Dollhouse + 14 Pieces of Furniture Now £69.99 Delivered @ Costco

KidKraft Couture Dollhouse + 14 Pieces of Furniture Now £69.99 Delivered @ Costco

Last year my daughter wanted a dolls mansion for Christmas. We looked around everywhere but these huge doll's houses didn't come cheap. There weren't many around for less than £100.

Over at Costco as part of their weekly hot buys you can get this huge KidKraft Couture Dollhouse plus furniture for just £69.99 including FREE home delivery.

This dolls house is spaced over three floors with plenty of rooms for your little one to play in. There's bright pink decorative walls and plenty of features including staircases, windows, shutters that open and close, canopy's and balconies.

Also included is a 14 piece furniture bundle including a light up floor lamp which actually works, a toilet that makes flushing sounds, a four poster bed and sofa plus lots more.

This offer is only valid to Costco members, if you are not a Costco member then a 5% surcharge will be added making the total cost £73.49 which isn't a huge amount more really. Home delivery is still free.

Order by 12pm on 22nd December for delivery before Christmas.


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  • Jo L.

    Lordy!! Is this the Barbie one?.. xxx

    • Lorna H.

      Yep, similar to the one Lyla had. Great price :thumbsup:

      • Clare A.

        I got the one from ELC it's went down £20 the day after I bought it :angry:

        • Melanie K.

          I'm definitely goin to get it so thanks :kissing_heart:

          • Patricia R.

            Im Raging this is the exact one I bought last week for £120. Only me :confused:

            • Sara H.

              I ordered the chad valley 4 story one from argos. Any ideas if this one is better? Both on offer but ended up being roughly same price??

              • Tashia A.

                My own opinion this is far better than the chad valley one my daughter had this an honestly its brilliant x

                • Roxanne L.

                  Is this right size for Barbie dolls

                • Jodie C.

                  Does anyone know how long delivery takes?

                  • Katie-Leigh P.

                    Ah dam it I ordered one already x

                    • Natalie H.

                      Oh thank u looks like wat I looking for x

                      • Roxanne L.

                        Anyone no if barbie dolls fit

                        • Gemma H.

                          Does anyone know if this is for barbie sized doll's?? x

                          • Dominique K.

                            Does anyone no if you can fit normal babies in their or certain dolls ???? X

                            • Gemma F.

                              Defo a great buy hopefully they have it in there when I get to go there

                              • lovemuffin

                                also interested to know if it fit barbies

                                • Katy H.

                                  Wow my daughter would love this :heart:

                                  • Nichola L.

                                    ...... Wow!! I wish i could buy shayla this

                                    • Stef S.

                                      This is amazing! think she's still too young for one this bug though lol x

                                      • Nichola L.

                                        Well obvs i meant it was for her AND me to play with haha

                                        • Stef S.


                                        • Charlie F.

                                          This is the one that poppy wanted!

                                          • Lauren M.

                                            This page is well good for discounts xxx

                                            • Lauren M.

                                              It's free delivery before Xmas top just looked xxx