Keyboard Pop It £5.75 @ Shein

It looks so satisfying!
Keyboard Pop It £5.75 @ Shein

When I spotted the Keyboard Pop It I decided to order it for me, and not my kids. It looks so satisfying and I'm hoping it keeps my fingers busy when I'm sat watching TV. Of course, my kids will steal it from me. My local newsagent sells similar Pop Its for £19.99, so I'm chuffed to get this from Shein for just £5.75.

Keyboard Pop It

The Keyboard Pop It comes in a choice of three rainbow colour designs and is made to look just like a keyboard. However, there are no buttons, but in place of them is bubbles to pop.

I just know I'm going to find it so enjoyable to sit 'typing' on it. My youngest son is very much a sensory seeker and will also enjoy sitting tapping the bubbles through.

It's a big pop it toy for the money, and worth buying and stashing away for Christmas time.

Delivery is £2, instead of the usual £4. Alternatively, if you've got lots to buy then you can get free delivery when you spend £35+.


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