Jumbo Games 'Frozen' Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Jumbo Games 'Frozen' Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Jumbo GamesTo celebrate the success of the record-breaking Disney animation, 'Frozen', Jumbo Games have produced two Frozen jigsaw puzzles, and they kindly sent us one to review.

It's currently a bargain at £7.99 from Amazon*.

We received a Disney Frozen Trio puzzle set that includes three 50 piece jigsaw puzzles featuring characters from the hit animation. Each of the three puzzles has a bordered edge, which the press release says is so that the puzzle can be 'treasured as a picture' once it is finished. That's unlikely in my house - I've got piles of artwork produced by my kids which I have still yet to get round to framing, but the borders did seem to make it easy for the kids to get to grips with these puzzles by themselves.

The other Disney Frozen puzzle in the range is a single 50 piece puzzle that features Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in one fun & exciting jigsaw puzzle.

The Disney Frozen jigsaw puzzles are suitable for children aged 3+ and are made from high quality cardboard to ensure all the jigsaw pieces maintain their original shape.

I wouldn't say that my kids are particularly massive fans of Frozen, although they did enjoy the film, and they're certainly not puzzle obsessives either, yet they absolutely loved getting their mitts on this jigsaw.

I thought they might dismiss it as being on the 'girly' side but actually that didn't seem to occur to them - they were just glad to see the Snowman featured on one of the jigsaws, as he's their favourite character from the movie.

We spent a really fun hour or so doing these jigsaws together as a family, which made a nice change from everyone being plugged into various screens. It made me realise that we're over-reliant on technology for keeping us all happy, and that we would really benefit from doing more jigsaws together. I've even thought about buying a bigger and more challenging jigsaw for us to enjoy together for our upcoming family holiday.

My lads are probably a bit older than the intended demographic for these jigsaws, and they certainly found them on the easy side, but I think children from the recommended age of three and upwards would find them challenging but not too difficult.

Jumbo Games also runs a puzzle club which looks like a lot of fun, and if you lose a piece of your Jumbo Games puzzle you can contact them to see if they can find a replacement! How cool is that?

Overall, if you have a Frozen fan then I'd wholeheartedly recommend this jigsaw puzzle. In these days of screen obsession it seems rare that we hand kids an actual puzzle as opposed to downloading an app, but we really enjoyed the chilled-out fun of doing this on a rainy Sunday afternoon beside the fire.

I'd go so far as to say that doing a traditional puzzle actually added a really relaxed vibe to our household over the weekend, and it's no coincidence that our kids have asked to do more jigsaws with us since.

I really like that there are three puzzles in this box, too. My kids are terrible for considering something like this 'finished' when they've completed it once, but I found that the novelty of three different puzzles to complete meant that they played with it for much longer than I expected, and there was none of the usual squabbling over who was doing what, either. Great for sharing, and especially good for keeping more than one child entertained for a while.

Pros Good, clean family fun, and affordable too!

Cons None that we could think of.

Overall verdict Definitely worth your money if you're looking for something to keep little people entertained during a rainy afternoon!


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