Jumanji Board Game £11.25 (With Code) @ The Works

Jumanji Board Game £11.25

Board Games can be boring, but not this one! The Works are selling the Jumanji Board Game for just £15, but use promo code TODAY25 at the checkout and it's only £11.25 - making it an absolute bargain!

The Jumanji Board Game is designed for 2 to 4 players. It includes a Game board, Pawns, Rhino figure, Timer, 2 Number Dice, 4 Rescue Dice, 30 x Danger cards, Game Board Centre and a Decoder.

Forget stamping rhinos and vicious monkeys, there's none of that going on, but there are the risk of Danger Cards to add thrill, and your fellow players have to rescue you.

The winner of the game is determined when a player reaches the centre before the Doomsday Grid and shout "Jumanji!". If you're the one to do it first then you're the winner.

The TODAY25 code is valid today and tomorrow only. If you miss that offer you can use the code VKING20 for 20% off instead, making the price £12.

You can Click and Collect the Jumanji Game for FREE from a The Works store near you, or pay £2.99 for Home Delivery.

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  • Sarah B.

    for the kids for Xmas Ella would be over the moon !

  • Gaynor M.

    I really want to get Rhue it for her birthday but also really want her to still love me :joy:

  • Rebecca M.

    That was a lot cheaper than expected

  • Paul M.

    Don't want any rhinos wrecking the house!

  • Toyah H.

    :scream: think I’d crap my self :joy: be paranoid I’ll get sucked in

  • Samantha A.

    Such a dangerous game- I don’t know if I have time to take a few years out my life to be stuck in a jungle?!?

  • Kellie S.

    Ooh yes!!!! Bet the girls would love it too :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Kayleigh W.

    We need this game!!! :scream:

  • Mikey C.

    ive seen this movie......no thanks.....i look enough like a monkey :joy::joy: xxx

  • Jordan C.

    I can hear the drums already :joy:

  • Sonia J.

    I have no idea how to play this x

  • Stephanie J.

    Yesss sells! We will have the coolest team game ever! Watch this space :dancers:‍♀️:raised_hands_tone3:

  • Sarah F.

    Bet the boys would like for Christmas

  • Hayley C.

    Imagine what i could become :grin::joy: I'll get him this for his birthday for defo xx

  • Martin A.

    Well that settles it! Purchased! Xxx

  • Katie O.

    Yes, I’m gonna order it xx

  • Neil G.

    In the jungle you must wait till the dice :game_die: reads 5 or 8 :lion_face:

  • Daz H.

    We could get this for one of there sharing prezzys xxxxxx

  • Saeed A.

    Umm no! I’m not getting sucked into a board game!

  • Sarah M.

    Yep think I'm going to get for Meesh

  • Sophie B.

    I think we should play the game :slight_smile: xXx

  • Janine E.

    I might get this for Richard for Xmas xxxx

  • Sophie B.

    Do it, then we need to have a games night :slight_smile: xXx

  • Andrew E.

    If only it was the magic one!!!

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