The Jellycat Cyril Sloth Review

12 April 2014


I’ve not written a review for a while, but this chap inspired me. I mean, seriously, LOOK at Cyril Sloth. Have you ever seen anything as cute as that? Well, yeah, the Jellycat* Owl is pretty darn special too, but Mr Slothy (as he is formally known in our home) is a winner.

The moment my offspring laid eyes on Mr Slothy she was smitten. Sound cheesy? Well, she does suffer from Typical Child Syndrome of loving a toy for a week and then totally forgetting about it a week later, but Mr Slothy has stayed very popular for a very long time.

He has also endured two massive road trips, being sat on by my husband, being cuddled by an inordinately large number of people and my putting him through some rigorous tests. I pulled his arms and legs hard and not a single stitch popped or squeaked. I yanked his head – the same.  Impressive stuff so far.

His bum is stuffed with beans so he can sit up unaided, which I thought was rather special, and the fur is not as tickly or rough as it appears. In fact, it is remarkably silky and that, combined with the colouring, is almost a bit weird, like your hand expects him to be prickly but gets yummy instead.

Jellycat is not a discount shop and their toys cost a bit more than the average, but the quality matches this. I’ve had far too many products charge a lot and end up being awful quality so this is a nice change. Would I get him? Yes, he would make an adorable gift for a kid of any gender on their birthday, or just someone special who likes cuddly toys.

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  • mollyleo
    I brought this for my little lady and all though I find him adorable and she laughs at him im nit sure that I should have bin told he is suitable from birth as my little lady is 5 months and bits of hair can be pulled out into her hand
  • TamsinOxford
    Hi Mollyleo - that's a very good point. Mine has not had any fur come off at all and I've just tested him now. I recommend you get in touch with Jellycat as I don't think that should be happening.

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