The Jelly Bean Factory Pick N Mix Stand £5 Or Two For £9.50 @ The Works

25 April 2015

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Who doesn't love a good Pick N Mix? A Saturday night is usually our time to have ours. Now you don't have to traipse down to your local Tesco. Just ask little Logan or tiny Teagan (or whatever your child's name is) to go fetch you some from their Pick and Mix stand. Get them one for just £5 from The Works. The Jelly Bean Factory Pick N Mix Stand looks great for the money. Use promo code FREEDEL to get Free delivery! Thanks Rebecca!

If buying one will cause fighting amongst siblings then why not buy two Jelly Bean Factory Pick N Mix Stands?  You can then get 50p off when you use promo code SAVE20 at the checkout. To get FREE delivery I just added two of these Pencils withToppers*.

What do you get with The Jelly Bean Factory Pick N Mix Stand from The Works? A Pick N' Mix stand, six tubs, a tong, six bags of 30g jelly beans and five sweet bags.

If you are buying the one then you are better off buying two if you are needing home delivery, to be honest, as delivery is £2.99. However, you can collect it from The Works for free.

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