JCB Transporter And Vehicles Set £12.95 @ John Lewis

If you have a youngster who is as mad about all things JCB as my youngest son was, then you have to buy them this JCB Transporter and Vehicles set for Christmas - the amount of parental brownie points you'll stack up is almost beyond comprehension and it will only cost you £12.95.

I can't pinpoint when, or what, triggered off Edward's obsession with JCBs; all I know is he could tell you all about the history of the yellow monsters and the company created by Joseph Cyril Bamford from when he was three years old, and could identify a backhoe loader from a something-else-or-other from 100 paces - it was crazy.

He still has a soft spot for JCBs (the JCB song, by Nizlopi, remains one of his favourite songs to this day) although he's not quite as infatuated with them as he used to be - which means the parental bank accounts don't take so much of a hammering these days (at least not buying JCB toys anyway!).

The JCB Transporter and Vehicles set features three of the iconic yellow machines: a backhoe loader, a low loader transporter and a JCB tractor - more than enough to keep any JCB fan happy.

If you've got a John Lewis store close to you then you can arrange to collect your JCB Transporter and Vehicles set for free; the nearest John Lewis to me is 30 miles down the M1, not quite so quick and easy to pop into, so I'd take advantage of their free standard delivery and have it delivered instead.

Thanks to thomascomer at HUKD

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