Inflatable Four-In-A-Row £1.79 @ Halfcost

connect4 Am I allowed to call it Connect Four.....?

Ok, so just in case I'm not allowed and am infringing some sort of copyright....this inflatable 'four-in-a-row' looks fab fun to me and is selling for an ULTRA FAB £1.79!

It comes with 21 red-player pieces and 21 yellow-player pieces and before you panic, they are made of foam and don't need you to have lungs of steel like Superman to blow each one of them up; only the frame is inflatable and I reckon we could all manage that.

So the rules are exactly the same as that other well-known game that involves placing four of your counters in a row before your opponent does whilst trying to prevent them from doing the same thing.

Enter discount code ff15 at the checkout and the published price of £1.99 will drop to £1.79.  Standard delivery is £3.99 unless you spend over fifty quid in which case it's free.

Even if you don't need anything else at Halfcost, I still think that the total cost including delivery of £4.78 for this is a great deal and a price worth paying.

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!

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  • dmc
    when i went to school , £3.99 + £1.79 = 5.78 ;-)
  • Sarah
    OOOPS! Must have been in creative accounting mode for those lovely people at HMRC ;-)
  • dmc
    yep , that explains it then , lol :-)
  • Unfair
    I can't beleive that mom beat her daughter (4 reds in a row). Why does it look like they are still playing?

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