Immortalise Your Child's First Shoes In Silver

Isn't it funny how you don't think of something for years and then all of a sudden it pops into your head, for no apparent reason.

Years ago I went out with a boy (not exactly a shock revelation, I know!) and on the feature windowsill in the lounge sat a tiny pair of silver shoes.

They had creases across the top and the soles were slightly worn, as if they'd been worn; one day I asked who they belonged to, Richard said they were his sister's first shoes and before my brain caught up with my mouth I said, "But you haven't got...a sister..."  

Despite me and my big mouth, I fell in love with the idea of having treasured things dipped in silver from that day forward but haven't thought about it for years until today.

For various reasons I know have the 'need' to immortalise something of my youngest son's in silver (don't worry, it's not because anything bad has happened) and so I did some scouting around and found two companies who offer this service.

One - - works in silver and bronze and will also champagne corks, horse shoes and dog collars (for those who might want to immortalise something belonging to their first pony or pooch - I still have the bridle name tag from my first pony).

The other - - has a whole host of casting and plating options for your delight - so much so that you'll definitely want to become a regular customer.

Not only do they do baby shoes in either copper, silver or 24ct gold, they also offer castings (in either plaster, resin, bronze or silver) of your child's feet in ballet shoes, your baby's hands and feet, adult hands holding hands (I love the idea of that) pet paw casts, you could even have your baby's bottom immortalised too, if you wanted to.

Prices aren't cheap:  silver baby shoes start at £95 each with and £115 with

All shoe plating can be done via the post, castings will require a home visit and cost a lot more but, oh my goodness, they are the ultimate in personalised gifts and momentos!

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  • weegee66
    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I have 2 pairs of bronzed baby shoes and want to change them to silver. Can you do that? THanks, Nicole
  • lizzylou28
    Hi I would like a soft pair of baby shoes silver coating for my daughter and son in law's 10th wedding anniversary in mid Nov .will there be enough time please advise on cost and turn round time to West Yorkshire Thanks

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