How To Get The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

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The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

If your child is a fan of Build-a-Bear you'll know that the costs can soon mount up, especially when they start collecting outfits and accessories as well as the bears. Here's our guide to help you get the best deals at Build-a-Bear, including sales, special offers, member offers and lots more.

Current Build-a-Bear Offers

Build-a-Bear Bonus Club

(UF) How To Get The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

The Build-a-Bear Bonus Club* is a must for anyone who shops there, as it gives you lots of exclusive benefits, and it's completely FREE! You can sign up online here* and start receiving the benefits straight away. Membership bonuses can include:

  • Exclusive special offers
  • Early access to promotions
  • Exclusive member events
  • Earn points as you spend to get rewards

Count Your Candles: Pay Your Age

(UF) How To Get The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

The Count Your Candles* promotion means that Bonus Club Members can bring their child to a store in their birthday month and they can get to make their own special Birthday Bear and just 'pay their age' for it, for example if they're turning five you pay just £5 for the bear. As well as the cut-price bear your child can get more extra treats when they collect their Birthday Treat Bear. They will get to pop in an extra special birthday heart, and have a birthday ceremony with a birthday hat and sticker, ring the birthday bell, get to take a picture with the birthday cake prop, and even have Happy Birthday sung to them.

In Store Events

(UF) How To Get The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

Build-a-Bear often run in store special events*, usually exclusively for Bonus Club Members, and they're always free. The latest is the Christmas Wishes events where you can make a wish during the special Candy Cane Heart Ceremony and add your name to Santa’s Nice List. There are also special weekend appearances by mascot Bearemy in December and a FREE in-store Christmas scavenger hunt all season long! Click here* for the latest in store events.

Build-a-Bear Gift Card Offers

(UF) How To Get The Best Build-a-Bear Offers

If you spend regularly at Build-a-Bear, or have a big purchase to make there's a way you can get cheaper Build-a-Bear gift cards to save yourself some money.

Costco* are selling £100 (4 x £25 cards) worth of Build-a-Bear e-gift cards* for £79.99, so you're saving yourself 20%. If you aren't a Costco member then you will incur a 4% charge which will make your total purchase £83.19. Alternatively you could get the £50 (2 x £25) Build-a-Bear e-gift cards* for £39.99 at Costco, again saving 20%.

They are e-cards so you receive then via email rather than a physical card, and you can either use them online or print them off to use them in store. They come as four £25 vouchers so that you can split them up for separate gifts or occasions.

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  • Laura L.

    Ah he still loves those bears! He takes them to bed with him! X

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    He would love the outfits

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    Forget the kids I’m gonna get myself one

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    Thank you. We will look online xx

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    I want hulk and Thor haha

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    i suppose they could have one too. Xx

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  • Fleur H.

    look at the Star Wars and marvel ones x

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    saved link so I can look at what's available...Minnies bday soon xx

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    I saw this Chewbacca is only £10!

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    cool i will have a look x

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    omg look how cute... I want to buy all of them! :heart_eyes:

  • PlayPennies

    It means any teddy, whether it's an actual bear, or the horses, bunnies, reindeer etc. I think they just use 'furry friends' as they do so much more than bears these days! Sorry we weren't clear.

  • Jeni M.

    PlayPennies that’s awesome thanks!

  • Victoria B.

    30% off instore only and don’t think I’ll get back before then :disappointed: trying to join/update the club for deals x

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    she will see them in 12 days ha

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    I’ll have a look now thank you xx

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  • Ashlie W.

    some pretty good bargains tbh

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