Hot Wheels Power Revvers Speed & Power Vehicle £6.48 @ Tesco

hotwheels2 Say the words 'hot wheels power revver speed and power vehicle' to a little boy (or a big one) and you'll see their eyes LIGHT up! POWER, HOT WHEELS, REVVING  - they'll get all of a dither and their inner boy-racer will be unleashed.

I have to confess those words do it for me too, and I'm already seeing us with one each and having races across the garden over the obstacle course we spent ages building.

The best thing about these Hot Wheels power revvers is they don't need batteries! No siree, YOU provide the power by pumping it up and down and then letting it go - the more you pump the more power you get.

They're tough, they're rugged and will withstand crashing, bashing and smashing into things - just the sort of thing little boys love...and petrol head girls like me!

hotwheels1Suitable for little hot wheelers who are five and older, they come in different colours and can be collected in store for free, or delivered to your home for £5.95 if you can't/don't want to go trooping off to your nearest Tescos.

Thanks to Lucerysmum over at HUKD

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