Horrid Henry Best Practical Jokes Ever £3.98 @ Tesco Direct

Horrid Henry Best Practical Jokes Ever £3.98 @ Tesco Direct

Horrid Henry

As a parent, you have got to be a sucker for punishment to even think of buying one of these Horrid Henry Best Practical Jokes Ever kits, even if they are only £3.98 at Tesco Direct, instead of £9.97

So, if you’re dumb brave enough to buy this for your own kids, good luck to you, otherwise it might be a fab little set for someone else’s child.   I jest, but only half.

Amazon reviewers weren’t exactly raving about it, but one mum says her kids love scaring the life out of her with their kit, and it’s great fun.  Another agrees – it’s five star fun, and her kids especially love the ‘disgusting bogeys’. Other parents didn’t have as much sense of humour with it and weren’t too impressed with the quality – meaning it’s probably a better buy at £3.98 than at £9.97.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x Collectable figurine
  • Creepy spiders on spider string
  • 1 x Pot of noise putty
  • 1 x Nail-through-the-head
  • 1 x Pot of super sticky bogeys
  • 1 x Wiggly worm
  • Official Horrid Henry stickers

Delivery included makes the kit £8.98, which isn’t much of a saving, so you’re better off going with click and collect or including it as part of a larger order.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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