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Home Bargains recently sent us a parcel full of kitchen items to review, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my box of delights.

Apart from the fact that the box was stuffed full of kitchen goodies that I couldn't wait to try out, the accompanying price list pretty much blew my mind.

An oven glove for £1.49, anyone?

As I rifled through the box's contents I started trying to guess the price of each item, and was out by a country mile every time.

I'll be honest - I had no idea that Home Bargains sold this kind of stuff, or that their offerings were so mind-bogglingly affordable.

So if you're into baking or have a birthday party coming up then get thee along to Home Bargains quick-smart - they've got piles of things at rock-bottom prices, and decent quality too.

Here's a summary of the stuff we've got our mitts on... the only problem is that none of these items seem to be in stock right now so I can't link directly to each product, but if you like the look of something here then keep an eye out for it reappearing on the Home Bargains website, and if you're really desperate then leave us a comment below this review and we'll ask the Home Bargains people to let us know when the item is available again.

We were sent two matching oven gloves - going for a song at £1.49 at Home Bargains - and these are really lovely. They're very Cath Kidston-esque and would make a lovely inclusion in gift hamper for someone who loves all things kitchen-y.

Next up we were sent a silicon trivet which costs just 79p. It's a very fetching on-trend pink colour, and looks fab beside my oven. I've used it several times and while I expected little for that price, I'm happy to report that it's excellent quality and has even stood the test of my husband cooking a roast dinner. Again, if you're buying a gift for someone who loves baking or cooking then you couldn't go wrong with assembling a little hand-picked hamper full of these sort of cheap but seriously cheerful items.

We also received several items from the Princess Party line - including a two tier fairytale cake stand that's just £2.99 and which would make a gorgeous centrepiece for a birthday tea table, plus a matching table covering (£1.99), a set of princess cupcake cases and some pirate ones (a mind-bending 99p each), plus a bag of marshmallows and two tubs of cake top decorations for sprinkling all over our cupcake creations.

We loved this stuff, and put it to the test immediately by baking some vanilla cupcakes. The cupcake cases - both the pirate ones and the princess ones - were top notch - the perfect size for using in my own silicon cupcake baking trays, and the little cake toppers they come with were a huge hit with my kids. The only downside was that they were ready to explode with anticipation after having to wait for the cakes to cool and the icing to set before they could decorate them. These baking sets are absolutely brilliant if you want a quick and easy way of putting on a party feast - the cakes look really sensational once decorated but they're inexpensive.

The cake top decorations weren't such a hit - my kids didn't like the taste at all and begged me not to use them on the cakes we'd baked, and I have to agree that while they looked great, they just weren't very appetising. But a standard box of hundreds and thousands that was lurking in my kitchen cupboard soon came to the rescue.

Above all, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Home Bargains - particularly for their homeware range and baking products.

Pros Amazingly cheap but decent quality items which make any party table look particularly polished and put together

Cons Nope, can't think of one. Well, perhaps that the items aren't currently available to buy online which is a tad annoying if you're reading this and just want to click and buy, but it's the perfect excuse to go on a quest to find them at your nearest Home Bargains store

Overall verdict Home Bargains might be my new fave place to hunt for a bargain. Check them out...

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