Little Helper FunPod Toddler Kitchen Safety Stand £70.11 @ Amazon

Little Helper FunPod Toddler Kitchen Safety Stand £70.11 @ Amazon

The Little Helper FunPod Toddler Kitchen Safety Stand is reduced by 41% to £70.11 at Amazon.

The Funpod is a pod which has various adjustable 'levels' for the growing child to stand in so that they can reach the kitchen counter without standing on a chair, which risks slipping or falling off. It's a really light and easy to move box shape, which makes it easy to move out the way.

From the blurb on Amazon, Professor Paul Gately, Child Obesity Expert, Leeds Metropolitan University & Presenter of ITV documentary, "Too fat to toddle", says: 'As a child development expert at Leeds Metropolitan University, I was extremely impressed with new socially responsible FunPod when presented to me. This unique safety device will encourage parents to get children involved in the whole food experience. As the first generation set to outlive our own children because of poor diets and a processed food culture, I am working with national and international organisations to educate and encourage children to live a much healthier lifestyle. Parent and child bonding must not be underestimated either as quality time spent with your toddler encourages greater development. And the FunPod will no doubt get children away from the TV, which is something I personally crusade."

I think it takes a bit more than a block of wood to cause bonding and education, but it does help, and it helps keep kids safe. We have one, and we love it, and this is a fantastic price, for sure.



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