Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag And Tent And Bakugan Satchel Skateboard Review

30 November 2010

Ozbozz. Review

We were totally excited here at PlayPennies HQ a few weeks ago, when we were offered a few great kiddies toys to review. Unfortunately we couldn't keep any of them for ourselves and passed them on to PlayPennies mums Kelly and Tara to see what they thought of the Ozbozz products.

Ozbozz is a nationwide distributor, supplying top lines of toys to retailers all over the UK. They don't sell directly to the public, but their products are available through many of the leading retailers.

Ozbozz Sleeping BagWe asked mum of one little girl, Tara, to review the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, which she loved.

"This is just divine,” Tara told us about the sleeping bag. “It is excellent quality and has withstood some pretty hardcore usage since we received it. It has stood in as an extra duvet for a sleepover or two, it’s been used as a picnic blanket out on the beach in cold weather, it has wrapped my daughter up warm on a fireworks road trip in November and it has been most snuggleworthy in front of the TV on these rainy winter’s nights.”

The Hello Kitty sleeping bag can be used in the garden for outdoor camping adventures or for indoor camp outs with friends.

"The Hello Kitty logo is near the top and the zip goes ¾ of the way around”, says Tara, “and the zip only snags once or twice – it really is well made – and my daughter can do it up by herself, no problem.”

Ozbozz tentAnother item in the Hello Kitty range is the tent, which Tara also loved.

"I love this tent. It is so pink that you can park it on a busy field and find it with your eyes blindfolded shut,” she laughed. “It's definitely not for the pink faint hearted.

Tara didn't feel that the tent was a versatile as the sleeping bag though. It has no windows and only a breathable roof hole made from mesh that's easily covered by the attached rain hood. "Pitched in the lounge it did get quite stuffy and hot quite quickly, and with no ground sheet, it's certainly not for outdoors in colder weather."

For children, the tent is quite spacious, has some pockets to pop secret things in on the inside, has a mesh for the front as well as zip up cover so you can protect against bugs, but it's not really a real camping tent.

Ozbozz skateboard
The Bakugan Skateboard from Ozbozz features cool Bakugan graphics and is an absolute treat for all Bakugan addicts. The 17x5" board is robust, tough hard maple and is ideal for street boarding and park boarding. The Bakugan satchel skateboard is the ideal choice for younger kids learning to board which is why it appealed to Kim.

"At seven and a half, my son had been pestering for a skateboard for awhile, but I was worried he was too little. The Bakugan Battle Brawlers skateboard had a good wide platform and a sturdy finish – it didn't feel flimsy or like it was about to whiz out from under you (yes, I had a go!)"

The Bakugan board is fully assembled and ready to ride and has tough trucks and PU wheels. It comes with a spare parts warranty and is recommended for 5 Years +

And finally...

The mums final words on the products?

"If you're happy for your child to sleep alone in the tent in the garden in summer, it'll be a great overnight tent, but it's not ideal for an adult to sleep in too, so not really a real camping tent. I think the sleeping bag is fantastic, especially if it is suitable for camping in colder weather.”

And of the skateboard, Kim says: "Obviously my son loved the design and the funky graphics on it. He did get the hang of balancing and up ending it after a while, but to be totally honest, I was only letting him use it indoors! It is a lot of fun, but I probably wouldn't let him outside with it until he is a bit older. Great board though, well made and with a design that really appeals to kids.

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