Harumika Review

7 May 2011


Have you ever heard of Harumika? No, it isn’t a sneeze or a paper folding tradition, it is an utterly genius concept that has had both me and my child mesmerised for three weeks. We received a Harumika Dress Design Form Set as a surprise and boy, oh boy, is this good stuff.

Harumika is, essentially, a fashion designer/Barbie/creative toy. In our kit we got two dummies (small), lots of lovely fabric, stickers, belts, accessories, and two matching stylus design tools. What you do is you put your mannequin on its stand, select your swatch of fabric, wrap it around the doll as you wish to drape it, and then use the stylus to lock the fabric in place at the back.

Essentially you just keep draping and locking until your design is complete. The thing is, it sounds so simple but it is elegantly genius. You will honestly get lost in this, even as a busy mum, as you constantly try to outdo yourself and to create brilliant designs.

The images you see at the top were created by a fashion design student, Chloe Bayly, in honour of the Royal Wedding. She got that see-through dress spot on.

The prices are also excellent. You get the Harumika Designer Form set for £16.99 at Toys R Us and it includes enough fabric for both you and your kids to play at the same time. Then you can buy add-ons and extras for as little as £4 to really bulk up your kit.

Then, when you’re done with each creation, you can photograph it and post it online in the Harumika community, even using the software to hold mini online fashion shows. I love this product, it is too clever by half and priced just right too.

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