HappyLand Royal Wedding Set

12 January 2011

HappyLand Royal Wedding Set I'm actually filled with admiration for whoever it is that came up with the idea for this one. A Royal Wedding Set for the ELC's HappyLand range. Quite frankly, it's pure genius.

It is (almost unbelievably) Wills and Kate, done in the cute little round shapes that characterise the people in HappyLand. And not just the happy couple, but the groom's grandparents too. If I was going to buy any sort of merchandise to commemorate the Royal Wedding this would probably be it.

But never mind me, this set is really meant for the kiddies of course. There's going to be a lot of hoopla surrounding this royal event. So I can see that many children - and I suspect that it will be mostly girls - will enjoy getting to role play with this doll set. Actually I could be seriously wrong on that score. About this having mainly girl appeal, I mean. I showed this to my other half, who is really not at all excited about the Royal Wedding, and to my surprise instead of deriding the set he really liked it. He was even rather impressed it came with a corgi.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not a Royalist. I'm not even British. But how can you not like a Duke of Edinburgh done in durable, robust plastic and shaped for easy gripping by round, pudgy pre-school fingers?

You can only pre-order right now; the set is due to be released in March 2011. On the website it says that new stock will be arriving no later than the 31st of March. The HappyLand Royal Wedding Set costs £15, and standard delivery is £4.95.

HappyLand Royal Wedding SetThe set has Prince William and Kate sitting in a gold trimmed horse-drawn carriage while The Queen, Prince Phillip and their favourite Corgi are protected by a Royal Cavalry soldier in full uniform and a foot soldier wearing a smart red jacket and bearskin helmet. Or perhaps that should be a Horse Guardsman and a Household Guard, which is what my partner was insisting on. But then he was also trying to work out whether it was a Coldstream or Grenadier Guard, so I think maybe he was expecting a bit more detail than you'll usually get from the HappyLand range.

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  • Tamsin O.
    This is bonkers and funny. I love it!
  • Luschka O.
    Agreed! If I WAS going to buy anything, THIS would be it :)
  • Dana J.
    These are adorable. I'd love to get a set for my cousin's daughter. Wonder if they'd ship to the US.
  • mandi
    so cute! just pre-orderd mine.
  • pgolden
    Do they ship to the US? Would love to get one for my daughter for the holidays.

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