HappyLand The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Set £2.50 @ ELC

Get this HappyLand The Queen's Diamond Jubilee set for £2.50 from the ELC. This price includes delivery too - there's free standard delivery within four days in the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

This is so cute. A HappyLand person version of the Queen. She looks just adorable. The set also comes with a big Jubilee cake, and what Queen would be without her corgi?

According to the website you will find this set is great for:

Sharing a big cake
Taking the corgi for a walk
Fun royal playtimes
Celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee

Also, I think this is one of the best customer reviews I've ever read. Giving it a five star review, this particular customer wrote on the website that "this is a great Happyland figure. She has been on a royal tour of our Happyland and is a firm favourite with my son. So far, she has visited the Martian Moonbase, had a ride in a Martian mobile, shared her cake with aliens, introduced her corgi to a space dog, ridden the rides at Happyland Fairground, sat on the top deck of the Happyland bus, visited the farm, been kidnapped by pirates, and been run over by ELC cars travelling down the Lights and Sounds Whizz Down Mountain. It's tough being the queen, but she does it with such grace and a lovely smile."

Thanks to Pluckster11 at HUKD!

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