Handy Hippo Bather Review

The Handy Hippo Bather from Fisher Price is a bit hit and miss in my view. With our first we never used a bath seat. We just put a little water in the bath and laid her back in it. By a few months old she was kicking her way up and down the bath and she always loved bath time. When we bath our youngest now, we do the same and bath time’s fuss free.

When we’re bathing both children together, however, it can be difficult to have a free hand when you need it.  In that case, something like the Handy Hippo Bather can be really useful.

It’s a plastic and mesh contraption in blue with a hippo head ‘stopper’ which acts as the seat bit for keeping baby positioned in the bath. The mesh sling bit is soft and flexible, so the water can come through the back and keep baby warm and exposed to water.

There’s also a hook on the back for hanging it up so it can dry. I found it to be a bit heavy to hang on a shower rail that’s not screwed into the wall, and it can bring the whole shower curtain and rail crashing down. There’s a small window behind our bath, however, and it can hang up on that and drip dry into the bath.

The problem is you either have to submerge the baby in the bath so they’re not cold, or you can sponge bath them in the bath or a sink, but either way, unless submerged, baby gets pretty cold, which makes mine cry something fierce.  Of course, you also can’t leave baby in the bather, so you’re there all the time anyway, so for me the bather is rather unnecessary.

I must say though, that when someone isn’t accustomed to bathing such a small baby – like dads, grandparents and so on – it is a useful bit of kit. Mums have the one handed wonder woman thing down pat, eventually, but until you’re confident enough, it’s a useful – but not essential – gadget for infants who can’t yet sit up unattended, and weigh under 25 lbs.

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