Three For Two Go Go Hamsters @ Toys R Us

hamster Remember December? The month of parents frantically trying to grab as many of the Zhu Zhu hamsters as the possibly could? When eBay brains were charging in the region of £40 a hamster? Well, the frenzy has died down and Toys R Us are selling them at two for three...

I am finding this entire situation extremely amusing. I also feel very badly for those devoted parents that forked out fortunes for their kids’ Christmas hamsters. Needless to say, this deal drops the price of each hamster down considerably and may well complete your collection.

Possibly this deal will get you fame and fortune as the parent who gives the best presents to the other kids hamster2at parties, certainly you can now stock up on them enough to hand them out freely. You get four different types – Scoodles, Winkie, Nugget, Jilly, Num Nums, Pipsqueak, Chunk and Mr Squiggles.

The stock is actually dropping fast, with some of these already out of stock, so if these are something you’ve wanted to buy then you better get started.

Thanks to Jimston at HUKD!

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