Go Go Hamsters Saturday @ Toys R Us

Go Go Hamsters Saturday @ Toys R Us

Go Go HamsterHeads up people!  Any parents who’ve not yet managed to scoop their very own Go Go Hamsters now is your final chance. The Christmas rush has decimated stocks across the UK.

This is hot, hot news. Toys R Us stores are taking delivery tonight. Yes, TONIGHT. Tomorrow stores will have stock of these extremely popular toys but you are limited to only two per customer.

Now all parents in the know are aware of exactly how huge a phenomenon these toys have become. Designed to look, feel and play just like the real thing, kids everywhere are begging for them. They’re soft, squeaky and full of action.

Parents also love them because they don’t leave a mess, they don’t smell, they don’t hamster_slidewee on the furniture or get stuck under the floorboards and, they don’t die. They are, in short, a great buy.

Get to Toys R Us EARLY tomorrow morning folks so you can be sure to land this amazing deal.

Go Go Hamsters come in four different flavours; Chunk, Num Nums, Pipsqueak and Mr Squiggles. You can even get some amazing accessories to go with dozens of add-on sets.


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