Hamleys Leonardo Lion For £15.00 @ Hamleys

Save £10 on Leonardo the Lion from Hamleys. The king of the jungle soft toy was £25.00 but has now been reduced to a lovely £15.00. He is really just a big cuddly kitten for your little one to snuggle up in bed with tonight.

Leonardo is head of the Hamleys pride and king of all the animal kingdom; Leonardo the Lion reigns supreme! Don’t worry though, Leonardo the Lion is super soft and cuddly, inside and out and you can call him Leo. That’s right, Leo is often misunderstood but he really loves nothing more than a big hug and a good ruffle of his beautiful mane. He may be the mighty leader of the animal kingdom but Leo knows that no one is above a good snuggle.

Leo the Lion is a mighty 30cm tall, has been crafted from the softest fabrics and features a hand-embroidered face. He’s the perfect bedtime companion for the little ones as he is soft and cuddly yet big and brave enough to protect them and help them to sleep a little easier.

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