Hamleys Farmyard For £20.00 @ Hamleys

Hamleys Farmyard For £20.00 @ Hamleys

If you’re still running around looking for great deals on Christmas gifts then you have to go have a look at the Hamleys Farmyard. Hamleys have reduced this fun playset with a barn, fences and gate from £30.00 to £20.00.

Cock-a-doodle-do! Everyone loves a day at the farm and this fun playset has an easy-to-assemble wooden farm building to house all the farm animals. It also comes complete with fences and gate to let the animals out during the day. Your children will love having a home to put all their favourite animals. The cows and horses can go into the barn to sleep at night while the dogs keep watch in the yard.

Please note that this playset does not include any animals but that won’t stop your children having a fantastic time with it. They can add all their existing animal toys to the set and create a whole new game with old toys. Inspire your children’s imagination with this fun Farmyard playset from Hamleys.


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