Hallow Kitty Review

22 October 2011

My daughter has just hit the Hello Kitty stage and the “Ooooh Halloween” stage and so I got her this pretty darn awesome Halloween Hello Kitty from Build-a-Bear Workshop. At first glance online, the Hallow (geddit? Hahaha) Kitty doesn’t look that appealing. It really doesn’t.

The mottled texture makes it look like packaging as opposed to a cute Build-a-Bear toy. However, once you get this bear it looks completely different and is oh, so, very soft. Soft, soft, soft like that toilet paper advert.

She is also a spectacular orange colour. I’m a fan of orange so this worked for me but was it something that worked for my daughter?

Her face lit up when she saw this Hello Kitty and it has remained by her side for weeks now. She refuses to sleep without it and getting her to school is a bit of a trial as she, obviously, can’t take it with her.

The Hello Kitty has undergone quite a bit of use since I got it for her, so how is it holding up. Fine, is the answer. Build-a-Bear really do deliver good quality toys that are robust enough to handle most kinds of kiddie abuse. We still have bears we made when I was pregnant and they look like new.

The second question is, of course, the price. This Hello Kitty is big. She sits at 46cm and is a lot for small arms to cuddle. She is also a brand so there has to be the obligatory slapping on of extra dosh for the name. I think that £20 is an averagely good price for a Hello Kitty Halloween toy that can be customised and built together.

You could get a large Hello Kitty toy elsewhere for cheaper but it wouldn’t be this awesome bright orange and have loads of extra clothing to kit her out with either. A good buy as a special treat.

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