Half Price Baby Annabell Doll Now £25 @ Tesco Direct

Half Price Baby Annabell Doll Now £25 @ Tesco Direct

EDIT: This is the NEW Baby Annabell that drinks water and wee's on her potty! It is £50 everywhere else!

Wow you will need to be quick with this one as it's not very often you can get a Baby Annabell Doll for just £25!

Over at Tesco Direct they have just started a huge Toy Sale. There's certainly bargains to be bought and stashed away for Christmas, including this Baby Annabell Doll which is now half price!

I bought this doll for my daughter last Christmas and she loves it, she adores all her babies and this for me especially, is the one I see as the most value for money out of them all. She has ones that walk and talk and eat but they tend to be hard bodied and not cuddly.

This one however babbles, gurgles, sucks her dummy, yawns, falls asleep and drinks from her bottle. She is super cuddly, easy to lift and move around. And she comes dressed in the softest sleepsuit and baby hat. It really is a great buy at £25 instead of £50.

Also included with your Baby Annabell is a bib, dummy, necklace and bottle. All these accessories add up too, if you were to buy the sleepsuit and the other extras separately you would easily be looking at another £20-£25!

You can collect this from your local Tesco for free or home delivery will cost you an extra £3.

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  • Layla M.

    Thank you :blush: 1st Christmas present purchased!

    • Giorgia H.

      Done :heart_eyes: Xxx

      • Jadie S.

        Oh hope it's still there on thurs :neutral_face:

        • Dagmara K.

          Thank you! Thats second Christmas present purchased And what a bargain!

          • Jade B.

            Literally just bought this for my daughter. It was the doll she originally wanted but flat out refused to pay £50. She will be one happy girly Xmas day when she sees this! :blush:

            • Dot S.


              • Abbi F.


                • Amy C.

                  Does anyone know if these are soft or hard bodied? Xx

                  • Magda P.

                    Soft body. Hard arms. Legs and head

                    • Amy C.

                      Thank u

                      • Tara F.

                        All the ones my daughter has had were all soft.x

                        • Kirstie B.

                          It's very big and very heavy though as my daughter has her but founds her big and heavy she 5

                          • Amy C.

                            Really? :flushed: she's only 2 xx

                            • Kirstie B.

                              Yes Hun the one in the picture is you would probably be better getting a smaller one Hun x

                              • Amy C.

                                Thank u xx

                                • Kirstie B.

                                  No problem just wish I had been told this before buying it myself x

                                • Jenna C.

                                  Every time I click on the link through play pennies the link is broken! Why is this?? :grin:

                                  • PlayPennies

                                    There's an issue on the Tesco website that is affecting links but only for some users. Tesco are aware of it and are working on it, sorry Jenna.

                                    • Jenna C.

                                      PlayPennies great. Thanks for the quick response! How do I get round it? Searched for baby Anabell and it doesn't bring her up? :grin:

                                      • PlayPennies

                                        It's coming up on search for me, but if you go to the main Tesco Direct page and click on the big Toy Sale banner it's in that offer. It should be fixed soon, so hopefully it will all be sorted out :)

                                        • Chantal C.


                                        • Leane G.

                                          Emma I got Poppy the new version one in Tesco down town the one above is version 9 out Tesco have version 10 out for £25 x

                                          • Corin S.

                                            Not sure. New one is hard bodies. Freyas older one is soft bodies. But New one cries and wees. X

                                            • Corin S.

                                              This is soft the body one! Still a bargain.

                                              • Amy O.

                                                Your amazing Thankyou xx

                                                • Julie-Ann B.

                                                  Saw that earlier great saving xx

                                                  • Simone C.

                                                    I just got one in store and it pees xxx

                                                    • Jodie S.

                                                      I got her one:see_no_evil:

                                                      • Paula M.

                                                        Aww thanks il have a wee look xxxx

                                                        • Chelsea L.

                                                          Just brought this for my daughter as her first dolly she is inseparable with it loves it! I paid £35 from toys r us as wasn't going to spend £50 incase she didn't play with it! So £25 is a bargain!

                                                          • Rebecca L.

                                                            Really glad I saw this as was just about to order for Jessica for Xmas

                                                            • Chelsea L.

                                                              Oh that's good! Lol x

                                                            • Kathleen M.

                                                              Ordered it cheers, every little helps :grinning:

                                                              • Amyjayne W.

                                                                Thank you. I had this as part of our lay away scheme at toys r us but will take it off there now as ordered half price woohoo