Gund Soft Toy: Snoodle Rolly Polly £8.99 @ Play

snoodles There is always so much to do and discover with these educational activity toys and Snoodle Rolly Polly puppy is no exception.

You just know when some toys are good and others are....not so good.  I've never had a 'not-so-good' experience with any toys like this one, and  have always felt reassured that my money has been well spent on toys beneficial to the development of my children.

Snoodles' (as I've decided to call him) is bright and colourful,  surface washable - a most important feature as he's going to be a much-loved puppy - and will entertain and encourage your little peeps to explore his textures and sounds.

He makes a barking sound, has different shaped teething 'rings' on two paws, a squeaker on another and crinkly 'stuff' on the other.  He's got a rattle in his tail, a mirror, a chime sound, has numbers one to four on each paw and THE most adoreable puppy-dog eyes ever!

Play are offering Snoodle Rolly Polly doggy to good homes for only £8.99 (with free delivery) which is an absoulute bargain as he's going for anything up to £17 elsewhere.

I WANT a Snoodles!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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