The Gruffalo £6.98 @ Amazon

Tgruff This is a pre-order price only from Amazon and you can also get it from for £6.99. While this is only 30 minutes of Gruffalo-tastic fun for £7, this price is still cheaper than anywhere else and this movie is wonderfully done. 

To be honest I’m actually going to pre-order this DVD at this price. I know that the reason it is dear is because they know it will sell like hotcakes but I think it is well worth it when I see the look on my daughter’s face. She adores the movie.

She was completely mesmerised when it was on TV at Christmas and, to be honest, so were we. It is wonderfully Tgruff2thought out and rendered, adding some delightful new dimensions to this classic children’s tale. I’ve never seen the stage adaptations, so perhaps this is the same storyline they used. 

If you enjoyed the book and haven’t seen the movie then there is a clip on Amazon for you to take a sneak peak. If you’re anything like me, you’ll snap it up in a heartbeat. Due out on 22 March 2010, this pre-order will be a nice postie suprise come Easter. 

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD! 

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