The Gruffalo 2011 Family Planner (Calendar) £3.99 @ Red House

The Gruffalo 2011 Family Planner (Calendar) £3.99 @ Red House

gruffaloPlannerI've just ordered this 2011 The Gruffalo Family Planner from Red House and I'm rather excited!

I'm excited for three reasons:

1) it's a GRUFFALO Family Planner

2) it only cost me £3.99 instead of £9.99 (it costs that in Amazon right now)

2) it's not part way through 2011

You see that's usually when I end up getting calendars and wall planners, but I decided THIS year would be different!  THIS year I'd be organised and I'd get something cool, rather than whatever was left in the shops.

You think I'm kidding, earlier this year my only choices were Baywatch Babes or Hollyoaks Hunks - you try having a Hollyoaks Hunks calendar on your wall when you're old enough to be the mother of some of them, it's just not right!

SO that's why I'm excited, in three to five days a 2011 Gruffalo Family Planner is going to drop through my letter box.

There are five colums for each month so you can use a different column for different family members or different things, such as birthdays.

It comes with 150 stickers too, so you can add stickers to various events - I rather wish it was here already, I love adding birthdays and things for the coming year to calendars.

It makes you wonder why I've not always bought calendars and planners in advance...guess I need a planner to be THAT organised!

I used this code for free delivery when I placed my order and it worked perfectly: FREE5037

Happy Gruffalo planning!

Thanks to karen2boysxxx over at HUKD


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  • Kevin M.
    Ordered tow: one for my little 'un and one for my nephew. Cheers!
    • Kevin M.
      Doh! Sorry, meant two, not tow. If this was Bitter Wallet I'd be ripped to shreds!
      • Sarah K.
        UPDATE: My Gruffalo Wall Planner arrived a couple of days after I ordered it and I'm in LOVE!! I was delighted to discover that it starts from August, so I don't have to wait until January to start using it!! I keep making up all sorts of things that I suddenly need to remember, just so I can write on it :D Sarah x