Goki Wooden Learning Clock Review

1 February 2014

If you've got little people who are keen to get to grips with how to tell the time, then you need the Goki Wooden Learning Clock.

It's currently £6.99 at Amazon*

We got ours when a relative bought it for my kids, who were loving learning how to tell the time, and wanted lost of practice.

Made of wood, it measures 18 cm and is specially created for learning and development. It's robust enough even for the most adventurous of learners.

There are 26 reviews of this on Amazon's site, and 23 of those reviewers have given it the full 5 stars. Here's a fairly typical review:

"This is a great product for introducing your child to telling the time. When our little girl asks what time it is we tell her then get her to copy this on the learning clock so she starts to tell where the big hand and little hand should be."
One reviewer mentions that this clock is smaller and thinner than they expected, but to my mind that's exactly what makes it perfect for tiny hands to get to grips with.
We found this so useful when the kids were doing homework on how to tell the time. No more tears (from the parents!) whilst wrangling over time-telling worksheets, and no more frustration on the part of the kids who just can't visualise the way the clock face works. With this, they're able to literally play with time until they get it.It even made homework fun. Genius!

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