Glodos BIT Wooden Bike

9 February 2011

glodosBitBike Tell me these FUNKY looking wooden bikes don't loook the bikes from Tron!

If you don't want to be like every other kid on the wooden bike block then you might like to consider one of these seriously cool looking BIT bikes from Glodos.

They're a Spanish company  - hence the 95 euro price tag, what's that in real money? About £70?  - and when the page opened I came face-to-face with lots of Spanish words; as luck would have it I have a cousin who's been living in Spain for the last seven years.

Me: "Morning, could you do a bit of translating for me please?"

Cuz: "Sure!"

Me: "What does all this say...?"

Me: "Para realizar una compra en GLODOS.COM deberá rellenar el formulario siguiente. Una vez finalizado el proceso de compra le será enviada a la cuenta de correo facilitada una copia de la orden de compra."

Cuz: "It says: to buy on you must fill in the following form..."

Me:"Oh wait; WAIT! If you click on the little 'EN' at the very bottom of the page you can look at the English version HAHA!"

Cuz: *SIGH!*

Is pretty much how our conversation went.

On the form it asks for your National ID or VAT number and it's a compulsory field - well, we don't have National ID numbers (unless you count our National Insurance numbers, but I'm not putting THAT down!) and, I'm guessing, most of you aren't VAT registered either, so I tested out the form by just putting in 1234567890 and it was quite happy to accept that.

I'm not sure if they can really be classed as bikes as they don't have any pedals, but who cares about such minor detail when you can be scooting around on something that looks as cool as the Glodos BIT Wooden bike?

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