GLITCH: Retro Diner Kitchen £50 Using Code @ Mothercare (Expired)

GLITCH: Retro Diner Kitchen £50 Using Code @ Mothercare (Expired)

EDIT: Glitch now fixed and the code is just talking £50 off.

The Retro Diner Kitchen sells for £150 at Mothercare, but use the code EEQA and it's taking £100 off the price rather than the £50 discount it should take off! That makes this just £50 with free delivery!

This glitch is only on the Mothercare site, not the ELC one, and as with all glitches there is a chance that the orders may be cancelled rather than honoured, but if you were after a play kitchen it's worth a try!

The Retro Diner Kitchen is made from sturdy wood and is an impressive size. It features a two-ring hob with dials, an oven, a sink, a microwave, a chalkboard, a cupboard, a chopping board, a hanging rail, plenty of work surface space and shelving.

This could be pulled at any time so you need to be quick, and keep those fingers crossed!

Thanks to beckyokeefe1


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  • Connie A.

    Oh wow! He'd love that! Ill have to see if its like then when ive been paid fingers crossed!! Xx

    • Lucy S.

      this is the kitchen Theo's got its quite boyish & a bargain at this price xx

      • Karen R.

        Omg should have waited for this one!

        • Holly L.

          Doesn't let you go through to checkout tried twice :confused:

          • Bekah L.

            £40 if you download the MC app for a 10 off code!

            • Nina B.

              Just ordered one!! Let's hope it's honoured!! Thanks :blush:

              • Donna H.

                They didn't. Just got an email to say so

                • Nina B.

                  I've not had one yet!!

                • Danni S.

                  Glitch appears to be fixed - goes back to £100 at checkout page. x

                  • Rachael F.

                    It's just changed back as I was ordering! :confounded:

                    • Julie Y.

                      No working now! I got to checkout and it went to £100

                      • Abi C.

                        Tried it doesn't work :weary: xx

                        • Louise T.

                          Takes £50 off when I tried x

                          • Claire P.

                            Damn! Got all the way through to PayPal at £50 then it said 'unexpected error' and price changed to £100!!! :frowning2:

                            • Tasha S.

                              They've sorted the code :expressionless:

                              • Danielle S.

                                Tried earlier but they'd sorted it and price went back up xx

                                • Chevonne M.

                                  Are you kidding?! I've just bought the Asda one :weary: xxx

                                  • Laura S.

                                    Bought my son this last Christmas and it was the best purchase I've ever made! It's a fab kitchen, really well made, sturdy and vibrant. He was 16 months old when he got it and now at 26 months, not a day has gone by without him playing with it! Future cook in the making :grinning:

                                    • Kerry T.

                                      Arthur would of loved it x

                                      • Sam T.

                                        Mines at mothercare to pick up apparently. Going soon to pick it up

                                        • Donna H.

                                          You were lucky. I got an email to say they won't be sending it

                                          • Sam T.

                                            Very lucky. Ive picked it up :blush: x

                                          • Sandra P.

                                            My ordered has been cancelled

                                            • Tabi C.

                                              My order has just been cancelled :weary::weary::weary: