Giant Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy £9.99 @ Sainsburys

Giant Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy £9.99 @ Sainsburys

giantSoftWinnieThePoohThis giant soft Winnie the Pooh comes up on offer at Sainsbury's periodically and very quickly goes out of stock; it's his £9.99 price tag instead of £19.99 that does it.

I adored Winnie the Pooh as a child; I remember going to the cinema to watch something like Star Wars and little Winnie the Pooh cartoons were the pre-movie entertainment - do you remember when that happened?

Mickey Mouse, Goofey and Donald Duck mini-features were also shown too.  Not like now, with a hundred million trailers and adverts for mobile phones.

Any Winnie the Pooh fan, regardless of age, will, I'm sure, spend many a happy hour cuddled up to this giant Winnie the Pooh; I'd have loved him when I was little, he would have taken pride of place on my bed and would have had to come with me wherever I went.

He's 52cms tall and if you're over 18 months old then you can have one.

One reviewer said he's so soft and cuddly you'll think twice before handing him over, I don't doubt them either.

You can collect him in-store for free if you're passing the Sainsbury's of your choice, or you can choose to have him delivered for £3.95 OR spend over £50 and then Sainsbury's will drop him off to you free of charge.

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