Giant Chad Valley Multicoloured Bear £12.99 @ Argos

Giant Chad Valley Multicoloured Bear £12.99

Have you seen the size of this teddy bear?! It's absolutely massive, and it's on offer at Argos for just £12.99! Imagine the kids' faces if they got this big fella for a present!

This huge teddy bear stands an impressive 100cm tall, so he's bound to wow the kids. It's super soft, bright and colourful, and is suitable for children aged 18 months and over so toddlers and younger children will love it!

There's lots of stock right now, but they are selling fast, so don't leave it too long if you want to nab one for your little ones!

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  • Laura M.

    That bears bigger than me:joy:.. I'll persuade him to buy it and bring it up on the train x

  • Debra M.

    A girl can not have too many teddies now can she?

  • Lea B.

    I know a Jack that would like this! X

    • Angela H.

      Oh no :see_no_evil:. Another for his collection lol x

  • Susie D.

    sweet jesus - Poppy can NEVER see this!!

  • Laura D.

    Shame it's girl colours. Humphrie could do with one haha xxxxxxx

  • Emma B.

    A know it's gorgeous xxxxxxxxxx

  • Chanandler B.

    Sam would put him in his bed. He would then sleep on the floor.

  • Colleen Y.

    It would need its own room!

  • Nicola P.

    :joy: Can u imagine having to lug that thing around everywhere! He would want to take it to bed too!! x

  • Kaleigh W.

    We already have this bear :grin: x

  • Pamela M.

    Always room for teddys xx

  • Stephanie R.

    Ugh, both the Argos app and website are down for maintenance :weary:

  • Hayley W.

    Haha its huge :joy::joy: also how cheap?!xxx

  • Linda M.

    What a shame her birthday has just past :joy::joy:

  • Mair S.

    Where would you keep would take up the space of another child lol. Xx

  • Claire M.

    Oh god no more teddies :joy:

  • Nicola S.

    Thank you, free delivery as well :grinning::tada::tada: xx

  • Nicola S.

    I ordered one the other day and got free delivery due to it not being delivered by Argos :grinning: xx

  • Sophie L.

    Might get her it for Christmas :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Louise V.

    Oh No! It wouldn't be allowed downstairs!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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