Giant Airflow Bouncy Castle Pool £126 @ Tesco Direct

3 July 2011

Giant Airflow Bouncy Pool Castle If you've got the outdoor space, then you could have a bit of fun in the garden in hot weather with this Giant Airflow Bouncy Castle Pool from Tesco. It has been reduced by £64, from £200 to £136. Then, today only, you can get another £10 off using the promotional code TDX-KYTF. This gives you £10 off when you spend £100 or more on toys, however it expires on the 4th of July.

A friend of mine lives in a flat with a large communal garden. Every year when it gets really hot they pull one of these out and the kids have a blast playing on it for hours. It is only suitable for children aged six years plus though.

It measures 240cm high by 225cm deep and 490cm wide. According to the site it takes minutes to set up, and has an electric pump to keep it continuously inflated. It will also stay up even with pinholes in the material. The Giant Airflow Bouncy Castle Pool is made from laminated PVC  and polyester.

The description on the website promotes this as an ideal solution for parties, saving on hire costs. I think I'd like to see just how big it is first though. I find it hard to tell just from dimensions alone. The four children on it in the picture look to me like a good number though. I don't know if I'd want more children on there personally.

Thanks to ladyoberts at HUKD!

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