Giant 80cm Soft Toys Now £15 @ Wilko

Giant 80cm Soft Toys Now £15 @ Wilko

If you have had your eye on these massive cuddly toys from Wilko now is the time to snap them up! The Giant 80cm Soft Toys have dropped from £40, then to £25 and now they're just £15!

Here's what you can get for £15 each:

I think these would make amazing Christmas presents, and I'm thinking of the dino for my youngest as I can't imagine his face if he found that under the tree on Christmas morning!

Click and collect from Wilko stores is free, or home delivery costs £4.

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  • Nicola P.

    Do u think Jessica will like the unicorn lol

  • Hayley D.

    The elephant is called Ellis!!

  • Laura J.

    - You can get that unicorn now!! xxx

  • Niki H.

    did you get that unicorn for Ava?? Xx

    • Lauren A.

      Yeah got it from toys r us lol xx

    • Lauren A.

      Awhh bless him! :joy: I didn’t want something taking up loads of room and that she can’t really play with but it was the only thing she’s asked for lol xxx

    • Niki H.

      I know. He’s not getting a giant teddy lol. They have got enough teddy’s xx

  • Karen D.

    Noooo and don't show her lol

  • Josephine M.

    Omg love it must take a look :heart_eyes:

  • Josephine M.

    Aw no that is all i have heard since :see_no_evil: i need to have a look

  • Laura C.

    ... now that’s a unicorn :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

    • Laura C.

      Seriously just let her have one unicorn x

    • Laura C.

      A tiny one... she needs a HUGE one x

  • Zoe M.

    Thankyou! Need to get myself here!

  • Annette L.

    Just another thing for Jessica to collect

  • Zoe P.

    I'm sure these are the ones I saw in the shop the other day!! :heart_eyes:

  • Zoe P.

    This is a trap I have fallen into :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:

  • John-Megan N.

    And reduced too! Even better :grin: xx

  • Lynn M.

    She's wanting one but she'll learn you don't get everything u want in life :joy: xx

  • Nancie Y.

    I love both....... But im focusing on dino. You decide!

  • Stefanie W.

    She does love a dinosaur

  • Christina W.

    :heart_eyes: I will buy the boys one each xxx

  • Reece W.

    The elephant maybe xxxxxxxc

  • Joanna C.

    Aww I love the unicorn and elephant they are perfect for laylas den , I can't choose think she might have to have both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xxx

  • Amanda B.

    Thank you, just ordered one xxx

  • Carly H.

    I’ve ordered the unicorn from Asda this morning

  • Brooke M.

    Hahaha I do love the dino :joy:

  • Matt M.

    I have no problem with the Dino

  • Elaine C.

    Ah I reckon Isabelle could do with the Unicorn :wink:

  • Fiona K.

    lol! no i would not, that’s seventh heaven right there! (although i have already purchased a rather large unicorn!)

  • Lucy N.

    These wouldn’t fit in the house never mind bulk it out! :joy: bloody love them tho :heart:

  • Amanda B.

    Just got to hide it when it comes lol xxx

  • Kirsty A.

    Noooooooooooo I have enough teddys !!! X

  • Clare R.

    :heart_eyes: that Dinosaur though

  • Sarah N.

    Oh good god!! She will want one and I just know it!! :persevere: xx

  • Chloe M.

    Omg I'd be estatic wish I had unlimited funds haha xx

  • Chloe M.

    Triceratops for theme too haha

  • Suzanne L.

    They would love these be great to chill and read on x

  • Sarah A.

    Seem these we will get one for Joshie xxxx

  • Claire B.

    Size eh that thing lol xcx

  • Leanne P.

    I might buy Jacob the elephant :elephant:

  • Jenny S.

    Aw she would love that unicorn :unicorn:

  • Lisa M.

    We need one for freya lol x

  • Chantelle S.

    I’ve seen them I want her the unicorn!:heart_eyes:

  • Hannah R.

    think sonnie needs the dinosaur lol xx

  • Kelly-Tom D.

    Thankyou will look now xx

  • Shannon C.

    :cry::cry: typical after we’ve paid £25 they go down :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:

  • Lori F.

    shay would love the monkey

  • Laura A.

    we should get these.. we can have a soft toy family to keep big bear company

  • Ellie V. space though :(

  • Karen H.

    I actually really like the dinosaur xxx

  • Nikita J.

    Omg. They’re hugeeeee :joy: xx

  • Iain L.

    Paid £25 For one of these last week :angry::angry::angry::angry:

  • Naomi H.

    Typical I paid full price for Dylan. :sob:

  • Laura A.

    Ahh thank u. Wanted to get my son the dino for his bday in a few weeks, just ordered :relaxed: xx

  • Tasha R.

    Already ordered one when they were £25

  • Conall D.

    Got cerys the pink rabbit and braidan the monkey

  • Beth M.

    Ordered for click and collect

  • Marlene-Ann L.

    I'd end up with something like this too if I was to go there

  • Ross G.

    Sitting on a bus back fae clydebank with a giant monkey or dinosaur. It'll be like a day out with my ex. :joy::joy::joy:

  • Clarice M.

    I might order get it dropped off xx

  • Amy P.

    Omg!!! Im going back down an buying the dinosaur :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Julia S.

    Dino it is then just hope its still there wen i got money lol xx

  • Lindsay M.

    Lol should go get the dinosaur! Xx

  • Claire S.

    I just ordered it :see_no_evil: Shhhhh, dont tell James...

  • Lauren B.

    Love the dinosaur :sob::sob::heart:

  • Nicola N.

    Aw man, I got it last week because I didn’t think it would go down any more

  • Sarah Y.

    Ohhhh that’s a must :grin::grin::grin: xxx

  • Katherine D.

    hahaha he has a bag full of teddies and one of these woudl fill most of his room - they're huge! :)

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