£60 Off Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen @ Tesco Direct (Expired)

Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen

EDIT: Now out of stock

If you are looking for a Wooden Play Kitchen for the kids for that big Christmas or birthday present then they don't come much more impressive than this one - and it's £60 off!

The Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen is on offer at Tesco Direct for £99.95, and that's a huge £70 cheaper than any other retailer right now!

This really is a super play kitchen, and as well as being a substantial size it is packed with tons of extra features. It has a double burner stove top, an oven, a dishwasher with clicking knobs, a refrigerator with ice dispenser and a microwave.

There's also a laundry centre with a washer and dryer, a granite-effect counter top, a double sink and roomy storage shelves. There's even some crockery and cooking accessories included too. That sounds better than my own kitchen!

This is an awful lot of toy for less than £100 and I think children will be occupied for hours playing with all the extras on this brilliant toy. There's plenty of room for more than one child to play, so all they have to argue over is who does the washing up and who does the laundry!

Due to the size of the item it's not available for free click and collect, and delivery costs £7.95 as it's classed as a large item. Even with that fee you're still making a substantial saving with this offer from Tesco. Just make sure you leave yoursel plenty of time to build it - it's a whopper!

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  • 1330nicola

    sign up for free delivery trial for a month and cancel it before the month ends and get free delivery ;)

  • Sheridan S.

    Everytime i try go on this website it never let me on?

  • Ashlene L.

    How cool is this??!

  • Anna W.

    This is a brilliant kitchen....but takes a lot of putting together!!

  • Jayne C.

    Doesn't work for me :worried:

  • Adri S.


  • Anne B.

    Wow that's the one!! Thank you xx

  • Elaine M.

    ... If I had the space and the money spare how lovely!!

  • Kelly S.

    It's a lovely kitchen. Bought it in the sale for my daughters birthday in July. Took my partner 3hrs to put it together though :see_no_evil: and he's a kitchen fitter :smile:

  • Gillian N.

    Ooh!! This looks fab! Xx

  • Sarah J.

    ... Christmas is coming :blush:

    • Kurosh J.

      Does it come assembled?

  • Claire M.

    now thats a kitchen she'd have fun with :grinning:

  • Terri-jo F.

    Ronan would love this

  • Sarah L.

    I brought this for my daughter almost 3 years ago she loves it as do any other children that come to our house. Nothing has fell off or broke, definitely worth the money. Did take a couple of hours to put together but worth it in the end. Very happy with it.:thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Laura H.

    it's still a lot of pennies but it's a very cool kitchen for Lily-Rose!

  • Louise B.

    Ow that looks a nice one!

  • Kimberley A.

    And it's wooden!

  • Amy M.

    I know, looks like lots to play with n good colours for a boy!

  • Ellie Q.

    Thank you!!!! ......this is one I liked for Hollie :kissing_heart:

  • Rachel M.

    This is the one I was looking at under £100!

  • Nicola W.

    Just had a wee look at it there seems really good prob get it. Thank you xx

  • Teri-Ann F.

    .... Look at this, think this is the 1 I'm going to get x

  • Lauren W.

    Bloody typical.. i only bought one on saturday x

  • Natasha G.

    It looks good, but alot of building on Xmas eve lol x

  • Nicola W.

    Was lookin at the reviews someone said it took them 4 hours lol xx

  • Danielle L.

    Looks pretty good and decent price!

  • Julia B.

    If only I had the room

  • Natasha G.

    Seen that but everyone says its a good we kitchen apart from the putting it together lol will keep Lee busy on Christmas Eve x

  • Lauren W.

    Its unusual so i like it haha x

  • Chloe H.

    Aw thanks so much! Imagine if I didn't see this! I've just ordered one:grin: she will be made up! Xxx

  • Debbie M.

    . This looks amazing Grayson and Leigha would love this. Xx

  • Stacey M.

    Would you guys say this could be a present for.a boy? X

    • Stacey M.

      My boy loves being in the kitchen i'm sure its a boy gift too. Go look at the little tikes restaurant kitchen that's nice too! X

    • Chloe T.

      We brought this for my son for his second Christmas it's now nearly 2 and half years later and it's still going strong and still looks as new even though it's had lots of play. Best toy we have brought him. I highly recommend it x

    • Stacey M.

      Aw brill. Thank you Xx

  • Wendy R.

    . Kitchen for Heidi!!

    • Heather M.

      Oh my looks good :grinning:

  • Victoria J.

    Thats a nice one :thumbsup:

  • Ilene N.

    ...that one looks really cool!

  • Victoria J.

    I'll order that tonight - thank you xxxx

  • Victoria J.

    I love the little basket xxxx

  • Leah H.

    It's gorgeous x x x

  • Hannah S.

    Yeah I've just had a text to say it's in stock so I'll go collect tomorrow xx

  • Becky C.

    yup will speak to Father Christmas

  • Yvonne T.

    This is really cool, have not found a space as yet but working on it. :smile:x

  • Hannah C.

    I think we should get this for the boys Xmas! Xx

  • Lucy H.

    .... Now this is s play kitchen!!

  • Kirstie B.

    this is the one I have for Ellie-Mai xx

  • Debbie W.

    I like this one lol

  • Bethany S.

    Thank you

  • Kimberly W.

    will we get this and put it away for Xmas?! Xxx

  • Emma H.

    Thanks x

  • Calie B.

    thanks love xxx

  • Karen A.

    Wee man would love this

  • Becky C.

    Nanna Claus said she is going to buy a kitchen lol

  • Claire W.

    Can't recommend this enuf Hun Ben has it and abs loves it!! They both do!! Xx

  • Sarah P.

    ... Maybe a present for Edie? X

  • Joanna M.

    For the people that already have this, what age would you recommend it for please? My daughter 4 and a half, she had a plastic one before but binned it but wants another one.

    • Melanie M.

      My daughter is 3 1/2 and my friends wee girl plays with it also when she comes round and she's 7 so I'd say she was still at a good age for it x

    • Joanna M.

      Thanks hun x

    • Katherine S.

      My girls got it as a joint 3rd and 2nd birthday present and it really is a fab kitchen! They're 4 and 3 now and still use it everyday. It's really sturdy and strong too.. highly recommend it!

  • Colin C.

    That looks OK x

  • Melanie M.

    Brilliant kitchen, got this last year for my daughter and she loves it. Did take a while to build as it's completely flat pack but well worth it. Great price for it too!

  • Lisa B.

    Page won't load xx

  • Vicki B.

    This is the one i want!!! Thanks x

  • Carla M.

    Oh lovely xx

  • Bonnie-Anne C.

    That's really nice! Xxx

  • Michelle M.

    this is a cute kitchen too X

  • Kerry G.

    this is a nice kitchen for Flo

    • Kim B.

      Love this x

  • Gemma H.

    Is it saying out of stock for anyone else when they try to checkout? :/

  • Laura M.

    not a lot of stock left xx

  • Nicola C.

    cadence would love this. Pretty sure wee Gary would too lol

  • Kerry P.

    look how cute this is xxx

    • Nicola M.

      That's a nice one xxx

  • Katharine P.

    Out of stock

  • Rebecca S.

    Love that but is huge! :see_no_evil:

  • Kerry M.

    Aww I love that x

  • Kerry M.

    yeah it's gunna be her main present lol x

  • Vicki B.

    Woo! Just gonna check the dimensions and get it on order :) z

  • Carol T.

    Ha ha! I bought this last night at about 11pm!! Xx

  • Chloe T.

    I got my son this for his second Christmas. Nearly 2 and half years later it's still going strong and still looks new after lots of hours of play. It's a brilliant kitchen best toy we have brought him X

  • Emily K.

    Fab x

  • Jodie K.

    I cant recomend this enough i got mine reduced from 170 to 120 and worth every penny so 99.99 is a steal.

  • Gemma S.

    Wow! That's a lot of kitchen! Fab! If we can afford it and store it then it's a great offer!

  • Leanna C.

    Callum says he wants this kitchen now :joy:

  • Katie L.

    Out of stock

  • Kathy H.

    All sorted now, thanks hun x

  • Nicola W.

    its got a washer too!!'

  • Joanne M.

    Boo Out of stock :( xx

  • Pamela H.

    Bought this almost 4 years ago for my then 2 year old daughter & she loves it just as much today! Great quality still looks fab. Paid £150 for it has been worth every penny!

  • Christina S.

    and this is kitchen girls have x

  • Debbie C.

    Why dont the links work any more

  • Leanne M.

    Omg , this is amazing!!!!

  • Miranda F.

    I'm too late :pensive: out of stock

  • Karen B.

    I brought this nearly 5 yrs ago for my daughter for full price 3 children later it's still as new & played with every day! Definitely lasted the test of time n worth every penny

  • Roxie E.

    Ohh smashing cheers love x

  • Tracey P.

    this one is cute too xx

  • Carlota O.

    this kitchen looks brilliant for Maxwell!!

  • Nikki E.

    Oooooo this a beaut but still very expensive x

    • Hannah B.

      Thank you, funnily enough I got one today from Tesco :-) still more than what I was hoping to pay but it's a nice one x

    • Hannah B.

      Haha I brought this one today! X

  • Amie P.

    I love this!!!!

  • Shannon H.

    OMG how great would this be!!!!

    • Michelle E.

      Omg shame it's out of stock too!!! Think we could have got that

    • Shannon H.

      I know would of been perfect :( not surprised it's out of stock at that price tho!

  • Sharon B.

    This looks good! A bit big maybe.. x

  • Kimberley B.

    It's out of stock, thank you tho xx

  • Nicola W.

    We got a miniature wooden one (which they hardly play with!!! - apparently toys are only 'the best ever' if they belong to someone else!! X

  • Jacqueline M.

    This is class!!!

  • Jeannie T.

    :heart_eyes: girls would have hours of fun with this???

  • Emily B.

    Very good value for money, lovely kitchen. My little ones love it! X

  • Elaine S.

    a certain little lady would love this!!!!!! She told me lol

  • Donna P.

    Ive been looking for one for the twins christmas too this is a great offer!! Xx

  • Carly B.

    It's a fab kitchen! We have it in our playroom at work :blush: x

  • Sandie M.

    Aww thanks I think Scarlett will love it cx

  • Carly B.

    The kids have went daft for it! And it's a great size. Only thing is it took our maintenance men almost a whole day to build it :see_no_evil: x

  • Aidan S.

    Looks brill get it on the list xx

  • Clare B.

    Fab, thanks!! xx

  • Nuala M.

    We bought this for our 2 last year, it's beautiful. So strong and well made :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Karen S.

    wow thanks!!

  • Laura L.

    Yer. this one is cool Tho but not paying that! X

  • Peter M.

    Class. Out of Stock though. P

  • Rachel S.

    Looks brill! Need to tell Santa lol

  • Jade H.

    It's out of stock now :( xxzx

  • Katie W.

    I would like a pink one ideally but this is out of stock x

  • Melissa K.

    Already sold out! :( I got it for my nephew last year and the boy loves playing with it

  • Veronica R.

    Laura if you scroll down the page to the buying options it's £99.95 with tesco rather than the £199 with the other company xxx

  • Nicola J.

    Ikea's are good and cheaper! Xxx

  • Stephanie M.

    got this for Xmas it's class €230 in Smyths

  • Vikki E.

    I want!!!!!

  • Charlotte P.

    Yeah been waiting for this to come back on!! Xmas pressie no 1 sorted :smiley:

  • Laura D.

    Just ordered this it looks amazing!x

  • Annette M.

    Anyone know about delivery to ireland???

  • Julie I.

    have you seen this one it's fab xx

    • Charleen T.

      wow xx

  • Vicky B.

    Absolute bargain, can highly recommended this kitchen! Years of fun!!

  • Katharine P.

    Great kitchen, I had enough club card vouchers too.

  • Harika M.

    great price. I nearly got this one. Xx

  • Cherry M.

    Cheers ! I managed to get one this time so that's Christmas sorted! x

  • Jodie H.

    this looks a good kitchen :thumbsup_tone2: xx

    • Karen L.

      Love it!!!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: just grabbed a tape measure to check sizes :joy:

  • Julie T.

    We used to have this!

  • Maria L.

    Omg :persevere: will run this by Santas helpeton

  • Laura D.

    Thanks!! I was looking at this and trying to decide earlier!

  • Bethany S.

    Got one! It's on it's way this week x

  • Clare M.

    We were going to get this. They had them in smyths for 160 then 20% off xxx

  • Muriel A.

    maybe a bit pricey but looks amazing

  • Denise Q.

    Oh this kitchen does look good! :thumbsup_tone1::blush:

  • Leanne A.

    I like the look of that xx

  • Claire S.

    This is also on Amazon with FREE delivery

  • Emma W.

    It's pretty impressive!

  • San M.


  • Siobhán D.

    It's the same price on Amazon but with free delivery, £7 delivery from Tesco.

  • Bekki R.

    Love it!

  • Moira L.

    ...this is a cracker!

  • San M.

    It's perfect, but I'd still paint it. Not keen on red :smile:

  • Natasha L.

    isn't this the one that was like £160 in smyths? X

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