£60 Off Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen @ Tesco Direct (Expired)

£60 Off Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen @ Tesco Direct (Expired)

EDIT: Now out of stock

If you are looking for a Wooden Play Kitchen for the kids for that big Christmas or birthday present then they don't come much more impressive than this one - and it's £60 off!

The Little Tikes Premium Wooden Kitchen is on offer at Tesco Direct for £99.95, and that's a huge £70 cheaper than any other retailer right now!

This really is a super play kitchen, and as well as being a substantial size it is packed with tons of extra features. It has a double burner stove top, an oven, a dishwasher with clicking knobs, a refrigerator with ice dispenser and a microwave.

There's also a laundry centre with a washer and dryer, a granite-effect counter top, a double sink and roomy storage shelves. There's even some crockery and cooking accessories included too. That sounds better than my own kitchen!

This is an awful lot of toy for less than £100 and I think children will be occupied for hours playing with all the extras on this brilliant toy. There's plenty of room for more than one child to play, so all they have to argue over is who does the washing up and who does the laundry!

Due to the size of the item it's not available for free click and collect, and delivery costs £7.95 as it's classed as a large item. Even with that fee you're still making a substantial saving with this offer from Tesco. Just make sure you leave yoursel plenty of time to build it - it's a whopper!


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  • 1330nicola

    sign up for free delivery trial for a month and cancel it before the month ends and get free delivery ;)

    • Sheridan S.

      Everytime i try go on this website it never let me on?

      • Debbie E.

        It's from Tesco direct so you could maybe try going onto their website rather than clicking the link. Hope that works :)

        • Kali W.

          Me too Sheridan!! Thought it was just me xx

          • Sheridan S.

            They won't get customers giving out false details lol x

          • Ashlene L.

            How cool is this??!

            • Anna W.

              This is a brilliant kitchen....but takes a lot of putting together!!

              • Jayne C.

                Doesn't work for me :worried:

                • Elaine M.

                  ... If I had the space and the money spare how lovely!!

                  • Jenny P.

                    Ah that's is a lovely one. We have a nice wooden one was from asda a couple of Xmas ago for Lauren. They both love it. X

                  • Kelly S.

                    It's a lovely kitchen. Bought it in the sale for my daughters birthday in July. Took my partner 3hrs to put it together though :see_no_evil: and he's a kitchen fitter :smile:

                    • Gillian N.

                      Ooh!! This looks fab! Xx

                      • Sarah J.

                        ... Christmas is coming :blush:

                        • Kurosh J.

                          "Bang bang bang, stop banging boys!"

                          • Sarah J.

                            such a misery. They are having one.

                            • Kurosh J.


                              • Kurosh J.

                                Does it come assembled?

                                • Sarah J.

                                  :joy: no.

                                • Claire M.

                                  now thats a kitchen she'd have fun with :grinning:

                                  • Terri-jo F.

                                    Ronan would love this

                                    • Sarah L.

                                      I brought this for my daughter almost 3 years ago she loves it as do any other children that come to our house. Nothing has fell off or broke, definitely worth the money. Did take a couple of hours to put together but worth it in the end. Very happy with it.:thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

                                      • Laura H.

                                        it's still a lot of pennies but it's a very cool kitchen for Lily-Rose!

                                        • Elsie H.

                                          Its all sorted I got the ASDA one at the weekend. nice wooden one £40 cant argue with that lol x

                                        • Louise B.

                                          Ow that looks a nice one!

                                          • Kimberley A.

                                            And it's wooden!

                                            • Amy M.

                                              I know, looks like lots to play with n good colours for a boy!

                                              • Ellie Q.

                                                Thank you!!!! ......this is one I liked for Hollie :kissing_heart:

                                                • Rachel M.

                                                  This is the one I was looking at under £100!

                                                  • Richard M.

                                                    Might be worth picking up soon then for Christmas?

                                                  • Nicola W.

                                                    Just had a wee look at it there seems really good prob get it. Thank you xx

                                                    • Teri-Ann F.

                                                      .... Look at this, think this is the 1 I'm going to get x

                                                      • Leanne F.

                                                        Cute that is! But I ain't helping you put it together:raised_hand:

                                                        • Teri-Ann F.