£10 Off Baby Annabell Bedroom @ Argos & Smyths

£10 Off Baby Annabell Bedroom @ Argos & Smyths

My daughter has been asking for the Baby Annabell Bedroom for the last few months. She is desperate for one for Christmas but it was yet to drop in price. Argos and Smyths have just knocked £10 off the price and are selling it for £54.99. If your little one has this on their Christmas list then grab one now!

When you buy a doll for a little one there are so many accessories that you 'have' to buy, like a bed, wardrobe, changing table etc. Not only does it add up it also is a pain to store such huge toys.

This Baby Annabell Bedroom set puts an end to all that as it has everything all in one! This little house folds out to create a bedroom for Baby Annabell. I have seen this in the flesh and it is pretty big, it doesn't look it from the pictures but it is a good size for older children too.

It has an extendable bed for her to sleep in complete with a little mobile to help her sleep soundly. There's shelves and compartments to store all of Baby Annabell's clothing and accessories. There's a little wardrobe built in with hangers to hang all of her special outfits too. There's a little mirror, a storage net and a pillow and blanket included.

Smyth's have this item on a pre-order, you can order now but the stock is not expected until the 24th-31st October.

You can Click and Collect at either Smyths or Argos for free or have your Baby Annabell delivered for FREE from Smyths or pay £3.95 to have it delivered from Argos.


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  • Sarah G.

    OMG :astonished: I'm on it haha xx

    • Stacey E.

      Oh think I'm gonna reserve it x

      • Emma E.

        Yeah that would be good xxx

        • Stacey E.

          Reserved :thumbsup_tone1: she wants a double pushchair aswell apparently X

          • Lydia C.

            Babies sleeping in drawers? What is this? The 80s?! :laughing:

            • Karen D.

              For £55 I'd expect a doll included. :confused:

              • Carol R.

                I've just reserved it :smiley:

                • Linzi B.

                  looks like it folds away x

                  • Amy C.

                    its really cute :) she would love it!