Fuzzy Friends Microwaveable Teddies £6 @ Debenhams

Fuzzy Friends Microwaveable Teddies £6 @ Debenhams

The Fuzzy Friends microwaveable teddies are back on sale at Debenhams, with four to choose from and only £6 each rather than £20.

So I've just checked the weather for the next 14 days and the outlook for February so far is COLD; marvellous (said in my best sarcasm!).

Of all the microwaveable teddies out there on the market, I have to confess that these Fuzzy Friends are my favourites - they just look a little bonkers and I like that.

My youngest has a microwaveable teddy whom he affectionately calls Smelly Lambkins, he's very cute and he's much loved - and I can tell you now, there's going to be many tears shed when Smelly Lambkins gets too old.

Microwaveable teddies like these Fuzzy Friends don't have to be confined to your young one's bedroom either, they make nice warm pals to cuddle up to on chilly walks, or drives, to and from school.

Each one of the Fuzzy Friends has a removable lavender scented tummy pouch that you take out and heat in the microwave; good news for kids who can't watch their best bedtime friend being 'cooked'.

Use code SHD1 for free standard home delivery and your Fuzzy Friends will be wining your way to your home within four working days. alternatively you c0uld collect them from your nearest Debenhams.

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