The Fuzzoodles Review

19 January 2013

I recently moved house and had quite a lot of admin to get through, as well as work, and had to juggle my lovely child at the same time. Needless to say it was an exercise in exhaustion and frustration. So when a friend brought her a box of Fuzzoodles (I DO have lovely friends) to keep her occupied while I worked, I was delighted.

Unfortunately the Fuzzoodles were not quite her cup of tea. At the age of six she is quite feisty and sometimes gets very frustrated if she can’t do something straight away. This usually happens when she tries to tie her shoelaces for herself or can’t get something off a shelf. And with these Fuzzoodles.

The Fuzzoodles Fluffy Friends activity set comes with a ton of parts and accessories and, of course, fuzzoodles. You take the various fluffy pieces of wire – like giant pipe cleaners with attitude – and either follow the instructions or your imagination to create funky creatures.

The set comes with 20 different pieces with fuzzoodles of different lengths, eyes, feet, handbags and more. My daughter loved making the huge girl one with enormous shoes and eyes with the longest eyelashes ever, but that is where it ended. The instructions were a bit vague and not very well put together and some of them left me wondering what they meant, much less a child over five (the recommended age).

As an activity for you to do with your younger kids this is a win, certainly until they get the hang of it and wander off to explore their own ideas. As something to throw over to someone under the age of 7 it is a bit too complex. Would I buy this again? I don’t think so, no, but the price (£16.97 on Amazon at the moment) is good enough for what you get to make this an ace present for birthday parties.

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