FurReal Giggling Monkey £34.99 @ eBay: Argos

FurReal Giggling Monkey £34.99 @ eBay: Argos

FurReal toys are a good way to pacify your child, if they want a real pet and you don't. Okay, so they are very different - we know that as adults but they might just be enough to satisfy your child's nurturing nature.

This FurReal Giggling Monkey is reduced from £69.99 to just £34.99 at eBay: Argos. That's a cracking saving of £35.

If you would prefer to buy one from the main Argos website you can find it here*.

The FurReal Giggling Monkey can be rocked gently to sleep, cuddled and tickled.

This pretend pet will respond in more than 100 different ways as your child plays and interacts with it.

Hang Monkey upside down, and it'll know it. This toy will be a great way to see how your child acts - behaviour they have picked up from you and the people around them.

You can Click and Collect the FurReal Giggling Monkey for FREE from an Argos store near you or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Nicki M.

    Won't let you buy it!

    • PlayPennies

      Hi Nicki, I've added the main Argos link into that post now as it's the same price there as well as their eBay store, Hope that helps :)

    • Nicki M.

      Thank you so much. Reserved one x

  • Laura K.

    I don't rate these at all for what u pay for them

  • Lucy G.

    Tried, isn't working :angry: xx

  • PlayPennies

    Hi Lucy, it's the same price at the main Argos website too, I've added the link to the website, hope that helps :)

  • Gemma P.

    Tkmax have them in too

  • Danielle K.

    pity it looks girly x

    • Carly K.

      Hahahah I know a boy who would like this! Shame it's girlie tho x

  • Lucy G.

    Got one reserved, thank you!x

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