The New Furby £56.08 @ Amazon

1 October 2012

The brand new Furby is probably going to be one of the huge Christmas best sellers this year. I saw them on demo at the Christmas shows in July and I think this is the toy to beat. It is far better than that weird Fijit Friend toy that never worked and just annoyed the kids I showed it to.

Anyway, Amazon is already selling the Furby in a range of different colours and each colour has been discounted a different amount. The black Furby is down to £56.08 which is a saving of £3.91 off the usual retail price of £59.99. This doesn’t seem like much, I know, but they are very expensive everywhere else.

I got the white Furby last week for £54, but this week it is up to £59, and other colours like yellow, red, teal and pink/purple are still quite expensive. You need to kind of check in and see which colour they have on sale each day, or just grab the cheapest one and run. These guys are amazing.

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