Fur Real Friends Pup £89.99 @ Play.com

pup Why, you ask me, is this toy selling for the best part of a hundred quid? Well, I can tell you that this is probably one of the most advanced toys I’ve ever seen and this price is almost half the usual retail price of £174.99.

If you have a kid that wants a dog but you would rather gouge your eyes out at the thought of house training, long walks in all kinds of weather and slobber on your favourite jeans, then perhaps this could be your answer. It’s certainly a lot cheaper...

This golden retriever puppy is life sized and uses voice recognition technology to recognise basic commands such as “sit”, “lie down”, “give me a paw”, “beg” and “speak”. Just like a real dog he will move his head and ears,pup2 blink his eyes, wag his tail and bark. He also sniffs his bone and chomps down on this tasty treat.

The toy responds to touch and if you pat him on the strategically located sensors behind his ears, head and back then he’ll wag his tail with delight. It looks impressively cool and the price is a lot lower than the norm, but still may be a bit too gimmicky for some.

Thanks to millarcat @ HUKD!

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