Funskool Fashion Wheel £12.99 @ Amazon

What a blast from the past...
Funskool Fashion Wheel £12.99 @ Amazon

I had one of the MB versions of these when I was young and I know it was a good toy because me and my sister would fight over it constantly. If you want to show your kid how much fun toys were from our day then snap up this Funskool Fashion Wheel from Amazon for just £12.99.

Funskool Fashion Wheel

The Funskool Fashion Wheel allows you to go crazy with creating and designing new fashions. Using the wheel you can get lots of different textures and patterns to make your creations as unique as you like.

For just £12.99 you get the fashion wheel, a crayon holder with crayon, four coloured pencils, eight sheets of paper, four adhesive pads and a spare crayon.

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Suitable for children aged 7 years old and above.

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