FREE Samples Of Huggies Pull-Up And Money Off Vouchers

FREE Samples Of Huggies Pull-Up And Money Off Vouchers


I will make a confession when I potty trained my two eldest boys, I bypassed Pull-Ups but I know that many people like to use them. Huggies seem to rule the market when it comes to night time Pull-Up nappies. Sign up on Huggies Potty Training site for advice and tips for that tricky time. You will then be sent out a Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Sample Pack for FREE!

What's in the FREE Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Sample Kit?

In each kit you get a Daytime Huggies Pull-Up Nappy, a Night-time Huggies Pull-Up Nappy, a Money-Off Voucher for Daytime Huggies Pull-Up Nappies and a Money-Off Voucher for Night-time Huggies Pull-Up. I think these entitle you to £1 off each packet which is good.

Remember, and tell them what age and sex your tot is as they have different sizes and you want to get the right ones or else your FREE sample will be useless. They will send you a male or female themed ones too.

I am pretty sure when signing up to this that you will automatically receive the odd voucher in the post and a email now and then, so if you don't want your email address clogged up with promo emails then use an email address that you aren't bothered about.

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