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Here's something to keep the kids happy for a while on a rainy day. Playmobil have an online Fun section on their website, and there are some great little downloadable bits and bobs, as well as loads of online activities. New to this site is the Play City Action World*, where kids can enter a world of daring lifeboat rescues at sea!

There's are online comics to read, that can also be downloaded as a pdf and printed out, as well as films, games, quizzes, arts and crafts and so on. There are also desktop, tablet and mobile phone wallpapers which would look fab if they have their own tablets, and personalise them a bit. You can also download and print off colouring sheets for free as well.

Sounds great for Playmobil fans, or any bored kids to be honest. A Bank Holiday Weekend only has one extra day in it, but the way my son was acting you'd think he hadn't seen his school friends for months! Honestly, how kids can be bored with a room full of toys, games, books and consoles I don't know.

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