FREE Parts & Replacement Service @ Orchard Toys

Don't Cry Over Lost Toys!
FREE Parts & Replacement Service @ Orchard Toys

Do your little ones enjoy Orchard Toys games? My daughter has a huge collection of them. I went to get some of the ones that she had outgrown out of the cupboard the other day to give to my niece and noticed there were parts missing.

Luckily a friend had told me about the free parts replacement service that Orchard Toys offers. Have you heard of this service before?

It's a fantastic service from Orchard Toys where they will replace lost parts of your game for FREE!

Orchard Toys will happily replace up to three lost game pieces per year for each customer as part of their free parts replacement service. This service is only available to UK customers.

This is for games only, they cannot replace parts of their jigsaws as they cannot guarantee the parts will fit.

What a fantastic idea! Those games you thought were no longer any good can now get a new lease of life!

As Orchard Toys don't charge for this service they are asking for donations to their nominated charity East Anglia's Children's Hospices. This isn't a requirement to use the service though and is voluntary.


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  • Leanne F.

    useful for work :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Allison M.

      Thanks Leanne, handy to know x

    • Siân L.

      Amazing, I wish all companies did this!

      • Natasha C.

        Wish I'd known this sooner as I've binned a few of these boxes!

      • Joanne W.

        Saw this recently too but then couldn't find it again so thanks for that.

        • Andrea N.

          My 3 yr old son loves the shopping game xx

          • Carly W.

            This is such a good idea. I’ll have to find out all the missing ones

            • Tanya G.

              Yeah we did this for a cassette we had with a game and they sent use a cd instead. Very good customer service and very friendly. Great company

              • Teri C.

                Already saw it and am alllllll over this!

                • Lynn C.

                  I think I will need to check some of ours today to see what is missing x

                  • Alison H.

                    Cheers I'll past this on to school xx

                    • Lauren R.

                      If only I had known I threw some out!!! Still might have some that need a few bits :blush: